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GUT Dysbiosis New Secrets in Immune Digestive Health

November 24, 2015

GUT Dysbiosis New Secrets in Immune Digestive Health

"Dysbiosis is most commonly reported as a condition in the digestive tract. It has been reported to be associated with illnesses, such as inflammatory bowel disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, cancer, bacterial vaginosis, and colitis."

What you don't know about your gut could leave you with more than a tummy ache.

If you think this isn't about you, you might want to think again. New and ongoing research into how the health of our gut / gastrointestinal tract affects not only our ability to live without the discomfort of dysbiosis (grumbling, gas, cramps, constipation, diarrhea, leaky gut, Crohn's, vaginitis, Candida yeast overgrowth... ), but also how it affects our entire immune system's ability to keep us "righted". And, it all starts with that first bite.

If you've never heard the word, dysbiosis, you are not alone. It seems, even if you're one of the unfortunate millions of intestinally-challenged, this term may not be known to you. But, you may have heard microbial imbalance, bacterial imbalance or "increased levels of harmful bacteria and reduced levels of the beneficial bacteria." Or, simply, poor digestion, slow digestion, "bad digestion." If left out of balance the digestive tract is soon in a constant state of inflammation. That would be bad enough, however, this does not stay contained intestinally. In time, a chronic systemic state of inflammation affecting all organs and "showing" itself in various symptoms (even joint and muscle pain) leading to serious degenerative diseases (heart disease, diabetes, cancers, liver disease, CFIDS / myalgia, and more.)

DID I DO THAAAT? (Urkel knew the answer, and so do you. YES you did!)

The choices we make about what goes into our bodies is most often our own. We can make changes (often small) that will give us back our God-given-good-gut. These imbalances are taking a dramatic toll on life span and quality of life. Dysbiosis is often the result of antibiotic over use, alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs, inactivity, poor sleeping habits, but the most rampant cause is the average Standard American Diet (SAD) full of processed foods and sugar / high fructose corn syrup (think boxed mash potatoes and cola). Many people are born with an imbalance and struggle from a very young age.

The microbial imbalance between good bacteria and bad bacteria in the gut is more prevalent than ever, and our children are really paying the price. Most people shrug it and it’s symptoms off as nothing serious. But if it not attended to it can quickly develop into a much more serious problem called Leaky Gut Syndrome.

WHAT'S THAT, TUMMY? YOU SAY SOMETHING? (Yes, with each burp, fart and grumble!)

Just a "few" of the symptoms associated with unhealthy bacteria overgrowth:

  • Gas, Bloating, Belching, Flatulence
  • Constipation and/or Diarrhea
  • Abdominal Pain / Cramping
  • Indigestion, Heartburn
  • Acid Reflux / GERD
  • Weight Loss, Weight Gain
  • Malaborption /Undigested Food in Stool
  • Fatigue and/or Muscle Weakness
  • Moodiness / Anxiety
  • Brain Fog / Concentration Problem
  • Anemia
  • Allergies / Skin Rashes
  • Eye and/or Peridontal Infections
  • Polyps / Fibroids / Fissures
  • Diverticulitis, Enteritis, Bowel Obstruction

NO, WE'RE NOT TALKIN' TURKEY. (OK, OK... we will!)

What better time to talk about our guts than Thanksgiving? Bet you're loosening your belt just thinking about the goodies to come. Oh, but wait... what about the pain to follow?  Perhaps that might be considered "finding balance" for some. A lot of joy and comfort for a measured amount of suffering. But, Thanksgiving is one day of the year in which we take time to give thanks for our blessings before we do the face-first-super-splurge-triple-gainer-perfected-plunge into feastdom.

Please people, eat the whole enchilada turkey! The fiberous parts of the birdy "is goot". (That goes for all animals.) The cartilage and bone (eat the knuckle and even the soft bones), bone marrow (make turkey broth or soup with celery, onions, garlic, parsely... all great for your gut and immune systems), skin (eat it, it belongs with the meat - it came that way), the organs (packed with nutrients and fiber)... now, that's a whole lotta "nachos" for your good microbes to munch on.


It's easy enough to begin to rebuild your intestinal /immune system. It's the perfect time of year to start feeding some probiotics into your system. Supplementing with probiotics is beneficial addition to one's dietary changes, and research does support this.

The Royal Academy of Medicine England blames an imbalance between good and bad bacteria for causing 80 percent of all degenerative diseases. Taking a probiotic supplement with "good" bacteria, like Lactobacillus Acidophilus can boost the immune system, aid in digestion and vitamin absorption, and even prevent diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. The MayoClinic also recommends lactobacillus and advises looking for products that contain live, active cultures.

Both our SynBio Plex and our ProBio Plex have Acidophilus and other strains, and both contain live active cultures in shelf stable preparations.

Besides taking pre and probiotics, here are some suggestions to help get your gut in gear.

More suggestions on simple ways to rebuild your gut and activate its full potential.

FERMENTED FOODS. BETTER THAN RAW? (What the ancients knew - how to ferment at home.)


The stimulating affect of fermented foods on the health of your digestive system and overall well being will amaze you. Try it!

Fermented foods are something most Americans don't eat enough. Did you eat anything fermented today? How about this week? Our ancestors may not have had the scientific studies we have on gut biome, but they had empirical evidence and ate fermented / preserved foods daily. I'm thinking, a forkful (or two or ten) keeps the doctor away!


Don't like sauerkraut or kimchi? 

How about homemade fermented pickles or peppers? So easy! (I've made this recipe with both grape leaves and oak leaves and both really give that old fashioned SNAP we all LOVE with deep reminiscent flavor. There are other options for crunch if you don't have a source for grape or oak, so you can still do this.) What about kefir? Easy! You'll be surprised how much you like these foods and what you've been missing... besides the taste and health benefits, there's something surprisingly HAPPY about them!

Yogurt, one of the world's most loved foods, is often eaten daily. This simple but remarkable food, not only offers probiotics in a form your body readily puts to use, it also enhances the gut's composition, including changing the way that the native population works together for the better.

In one study, for example, bacterial strains isolated from fermented milk didn’t colonize the gut but led to increased microbial expression of carbohydrate metabolizing enzymes. In another study, yogurt and probiotic supplementation allowed lactose-intolerant subjects to tolerate a greater amount of dietary lactose by changing their colonic bacteria.

So, give you - your health - a HUGE HUG and provide a gut-friendly "fermie" food a day!

IT'S ROUGH, IT'S TOUGH, IT'S WHOLE (As in, eat the whole fibrous food!)

WOW! Yes, it's probably in your home right now. No, it's not peering around the corner at you, or lurking under your bed. Hint: it's in the kitchen, or for the even more blessed, in your garden.

What's the most important pro-gut biome dietary "hack" /mod you can do right now today, everyday? Add fiber. If you have whole foods in your home, you have fiber. Without fiber deposited and fermenting in your gut, your biome is barely surviving... limping around. The fermenting fiber in your gut the food it needs. Without it, it will not survive, let alone thrive.

Fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes / beans (if you eat them - sprouted or fermented is best), nuts, seeds, other edible plants / weeds, (and even meat fibers), are necessary for the nutrients they provide, but it is the fiber in them which enhances the bioavailability of their nutrients by fermenting in your intestinal tract, providing a prebiotic smorgasbord feeding frenzy for your good bacteria. For a quick soluble insoluble guide:


GUT Microbiome - Stop Grimacing and Smile (Eat some dark chocolate!)

 Containing both polyphenols and fermentable fiber, dark choco-lotta-deliciousness provides a powerhouse one-two punch to the gut (we'll gladly "absorb"). With additional probiotics, you can count on dark chocolate, yogurt and more to help boost your probiotic capsule's transit and efficiency. GIMME!

It's best to cut out as much sugar from your diet as possible. But, you still need to be happy, as happiness is directly involved in digestive ease.

Need a reward? How about a wedge of deep  dark chocolate to ease that cravin'? So yummy-tummy GOOD.

Simple homemade chocolate candy recipe:  melt some high percentage dark chocolate with some coconut oil and/or shredded coconut, place dollops on parchment or a plate and put in fridge or freezer... or, eat it off the spoon while warm! Have fun, get creative, throw in some nuts or berries or spices!


So, you know that ol' quote, "Rome wasn't built in a day"? Well, it applies to all good things in life... some time and effort pays off big, but it takes, well, time and effort. (hmmm?) Start now, by changing up just a few things you eat or how you eat them (fermented pickles - old fashioned salt fermented sours or half-sours versus vinegar pickles) or when you eat or even digging in your garden (good bacteria thrive there). The less strenuous the change the more likely you will easily adapt and make it routine. Then, add another change and another. 

It will take some time to rebuild your wall of gut flora, but each day put another "brick" in it. How much time and effort will it really take? Take a multi-strain, multi-species probiotic complex (ProBio Plex). And/or start taking a pre/pro microbiota combo like SynBio Plex. You will experience some early changes, (some people even have more gas for a few days - just back down to one capsule a day for a few days). But, if you keep feeding your good bugs, they will find balance and proliferate. Give it a few weeks. If you try probiotics and/or adding more fermented foods, consistently take them for several months to experience the benefits of a happy happy joy joy gut biome and truly impressive immune, brain and overall well-being enhancement.

Research indicates that for best results, take probiotics with food (or 30 minutes before meals). Probiotics and prebiotics are in food, therefore reason also follows that their optimum survival path to our gut is with food.

Read more about AvivNatuals balanced prebiotic / probiotic blend SynBio Plex (our second most popular product, right after Immune Force) and our 30 Billion Multi-Strain Multi-Species Probiotic Complex ProBio Plex