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OK, we know this category is THE MOST IMPORTANT for many people. It's only last in the list due to a little thing called the alphabet. : )

AvivNaturals weight loss products are intended to help you lose weight and truly get healthier while you do it! Not only will you feel better, look better (and, studies show, live longer!), you will be FAR more likely to keep the weight off!!

Our FLOWER POWER (Pure Forskolin 20% Extract) will help burn the fat while improving your liver function and metabolism (BIGGEST fat burner in your body!).  With 250 mg Coleus Forskolli per capsule, it is a powerful stubborn-fat "melter" and remarkable detoxifier.  This flowering member of the mint family, has been shown to regulate metabolism, improve thyroid function and balance fat burning hormones... all this while it boost your body with super-duper antioxidants and phytonutrients.  Hey, wait!  Did we mention all the science behind it?  Check out our products and check into a new thinner, healthier you!!